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Registering Your Business Name

Build your online brand by picking a domain name before registering your business name.

You’re ready to let the world know about big business dream!

As you’re going through the motions of racking your brain for the perfect name for your business and exchanging one name for another, keep in mind all of the useful online literature that’s available to provide you with guidance on picking the best name to convey your brand and your product or service. The Canadian federal government has some good guidance on choosing a name. Without going into a lot of detail on information you can find elsewhere online, do your research to ensure your perfect name isn’t encroaching on another business’s name and brand because this could subject you to a lawsuit. Register your business name before someone steals it and gets the legal rights to it.

One critical area you won’t find a lot of resources for is picking a business name that you can control online:

“Pick a name that allows you to control your online domain and brand.”

BEFORE you rush to have your name registered at the governmental level, do more than a simple google search to see if your perfect business name appears in an online search engine. I don’t mean type in your perfect website into the address bar to see if it’s available because this will not adequately answer the question of whether your website name already belongs to someone else. There are many individuals who buy domain names just to hold it for later use so that others don’t take it from them when they’re ready. To figure out if your domain name is available, go to the various domain search websites out there and search to see whether your domain has been purchased by someone else. To do this, determine which web hosting service you'd like to host your site, and use their search engine to determine whether your site is available for sale #DomainName If it’s owned by someone else, you’ll be able to find basic information on who owns it, when their ownership is set to expire or renew and some direction on how to go about contacting the owner to see if they’ll sell it to you. Keep in mind that this purchase might be quite costly and eat into your start-up funds, or worse yet-they might not be willing to sell.

If you can’t get your perfect business name in your domain, consider finding another name to register your business under so that you can control your online brand. Alternatively, you can keep your perfect business name and take this as an opportunity to be more creative in your online branding.

Always Law can register your business name for you.

“Always Law can get you through the process of picking your perfect business name and make sure your name is available for legal business registration, as well as online domain registration and get you registered. If you’re ready to share your business idea with the world, Always Law can get you there.”

Easy Business Name Registration

Having Always Law handle your business registration is much clearer and easier because we’ll listen to your dream and tell you what you specifically need to get your business name protected and your business started #businessname. We’ll explain everything to you and take care of it for you, but if you’re not ready to talk to a lawyer, and just want to do the basics;

Get Your Business Name Registered

“We’ll explain everything to you and take care of it for you.”

If you’re not ready to talk to a lawyer, and just want to do the basics, here are some resources to get started:

  1. Know what kind of business formation you want, such as whether you want to own it by yourself, with someone else, or as a corporation (all of these have legal and tax implications);

  2. Make sure your name isn’t already taken by searching the public record; then,

  3. Register your business name in Ontario (Provincial business); OR,

  4. Register your business name in Canada (Federal business).

We’re excited for you! Go out there and change the world and if you need anything, Always Law is here to help.

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